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I offer tailored one-to-one coaching sessions to help you define your unique vision of working motherhood, and bring it to life effectively. 

Together, we will clarify your priorities, uncover your strengths and resources, and come up with actionable ways to reclaim your balance.


I provide a safe, non-judgmental space where you can express yourself and receive unwavering support throughout your journey.


Set your own vision of working motherhood.

Embrace your new identity as a working mother.

Clarify your priorities according to your unique set of values.


Plan and organize your return to work effectively.

Adopt practical ways to balance work and home responsibilities.

Uncover your strengths and identify resources available to you.


Negotiate the conditions for a smooth return to work.

Ask for support assertively and effectively.

Set healthy, sustainable boundaries.


Regain your confidence and sense of agency.

Prioritize your needs.

Let go of perfectionism and guilt.


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