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Supporting new parents for a burnout-free return to work


for new mothers who want to navigate their maternity leave and transition back to work safely, confidently and smoothly.


for companies who want to attract and retain more women, by adopting parent-friendly work practices.


for team members and leaders who want to reduce implicit bias and embrace a parent-inclusive culture.


Our mission is to help make maternity leave a smooth, safe and rewarding experience for women.

Our vision is that all working women are empowered and successful bringing their whole identities to work.


Why does it matter?

Becoming a parent is one of the most meaningful and challenging transformations that women can go through in their lifetime. Returning to work after having a child comes with a heightened risk for burnout.

New mothers are expected to perform in high-demanding roles, while juggling a new set of responsibilities at home, and navigating a major shift in their identity. They are​ pressured to meet societal expectations and receive little to no support in the workplace.

The lack of a supportive environment is a key reason why mothers leave the full-time workforce, and why women in positions of leadership are so scarce.

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